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What to write 2

I’m a Writer’s Digest fan and a recent fan of Nathan Bransford. If you haven’t read his blog, DO. The link is in my blogroll. Not only is he informative and helpful but really funny and seemingly down to earth. My point here is that I read one of his entries yesterday and it’s been bugging me ever since. The article was about writing your novel. He has much advice and guidance on this topic. As I was scrolling through his blog, I ran across Choosing The Right Idea. I’m not sure what drove me to read it since I have enough ideas at present but I did read it and it stuck. Nathan says, “Chances are, if you are a writer there is one idea that you hold above all others. It is the one that has stuck with you despite the shiny distraction of other ideas. It is your one true unwritten love.” Well, Mr. Bransford how right you are. I have this idea. I’ve had it for years. It’s the book I started in my twenties and couldn’t finish. It’s the book I still try to write to this day and can’t. So what happens when the book you know you need to write, the one book that you can’t forget about, is the one you can’t write?

Let’s ponder this idea. If the book that’s screaming at you is the one that is the hardest for you to write, what then? If it’s the book that would take everything you had and then ask for more, do you write it? With all the consumption that novels take to create, all the emotion, time, energy….is it worth it to write the ONE that will take the most?

I know the answer is staring me in the face. I can hear my little subconscious talking. I know. Of course you write it. Which brings me back to The Duck Pond. A book I have been literally trying to write, picking up and putting down, for years. I’ve mentioned it here as well. The book is in my head. Complete. But there is a vast difference between seeing something in your head and recreating it on paper.

So I ask myself, now what? I have the body of my first novel complete but the editing nowhere near finished. As I’ve mentioned, I hate that part. Do I continue on the current road or take a turn?


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