Young Adult Dark Urban Fantasy Author ~

How to keep the inspiration going

I’ve made it pretty clear that I read A LOT. I finally
picked up The Necromancer by Michael Scott (YAY!) but more about
that later. I am an avid reader, it’s an
important part of writing. Not only do I read a lot of books, I
also read blogs. Writing blogs. Writer’s Digest is a favorite of
mine because they have a constant stream of new information as
well interviews from other writers which brings me to my point.
Being new to this, I am still learning some of the big names in the
industry, still trying to find my way and ultimately, still trying
to stay focused and on the right path. In this quest I look for,
and sometimes happen to stumble upon, inspiration from others
writers, both published and unpublished. I did happen to stumble
upon Elizabeth Berg. Yes, yes, I know, she’s all over the place,
famous author, I know. But keep in mind I am a
fantasy/history/mythology reader. I don’t follow every genre there
is and I am not a prime time TV viewer either. Elizabeth Berg
recently did an interview for Writer’s Digest and once again,
I found myself wanting to memorize someone else’s words for sheer
motivation. In the interview she talks about staying true to
yourself, writing for yourself not the reader and what she
describes as “keeping your own counsel” by keeping the creative
writing process separate from the actual business of
writing. She says: “…if you’re going to be a writer, you need to
write what’s in your heart and soul and let the chips fall where
they may…” She goes on to talk about not being able to
accommodate every reader and in the end, you should be happy with
what you have written for you. In other words, write because you
love it, because it’s in you, because it’s a part of you. I have to
say, with as successful as Elizabeth Berg has been and is, I
truly admire her very real and down to earth way of thinking. How
do you keep the inspiration going? You listen to your heart, your
own thoughts and instincts and you follow incredible authors like
Elizabeth to keep you in check.


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