Young Adult Dark Urban Fantasy Author ~

Why we blog

I’ve seen a lot of posts on this topic lately, so I figured I’d jump in. Everyone obviously has their own agenda when it comes to creating a blog, I have mine as well.  I didn’t create this blog with some delusion of making money off of it. Blogging as a job. I didn’t create it to showcase my works in progress, although I do and will continue to talk about them. I created it because as a writer I find it invaluable to hear from other writers, to write about my progresses and set backs in order to clear my own head and ultimately to write and write and write in a format that isn’t a novel in order to better hone my skill.

I think whatever your reason for creating a blog, it is good avenue for thought, creativity, sharing and maybe even reaching out. So keep on hammering them out, because in the end, readers or not, followers or not, subscriptions or not, you’re writing for you-right? Blogging is simply an outlet you’ve chosen for that expression.


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