Young Adult Dark Urban Fantasy Author ~

Opinions needed.

Another impasse has crept up on me. You may not think it’s one of ample importance and well, maybe it’s not but it is an impasse no less. I hit these every few weeks lately. You see, I’m the writer who cherishes certain to books to the point of…well not obsession, but maybe close. I reread my favorite books over and over again. Not two or three times either, I’m talking five times, seven times. You get the picture. Why? Because it’s rare that I stumble upon really well written stories that pull me in entirely and don’t let go. When I find those books, I hang on.

Point is, I’ve recently finished the entire Wicked Lovely series, The Caster Chronicles, The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel and just  finished Fallen and Torment by Lauren Kate. I need a new read in the YA genre. Usually I wander my bookstore (a favorite pastime) or read reviews online to seek out new books. I’m not always successful. Occasionally I stumble upon books I can’t push my way through. So…..suggestions? Good or great stories out there? Recommendations?


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