Young Adult Dark Urban Fantasy Author ~

What’d you say…?

I say that often. Annoyingly often. Why do I have my ear buds in? Because they block out all the other noise. You know the noise I mean. The cat meowing, the dog barking, the phone ringing, people trying to talk to you…you get the idea. I know there are a lot of writers who can’t, CAN NOT, write with any sound much less music in their ears. I however find that sometimes it’s the only way I can write. Sometimes it’s the only way I can think. I’ve mentioned the soundtracks that I have created for most of my WIP’s, these help me when I’m stuck, help me visualize some scenes more clearly and help to move the story forward in my head. But occasionally I just need white noise. The complete shut off and black out that only ear buds can provide. In these times, I generally don’t really hear the music at all it just acts as a buffer so I don’t hear anything else either. It creates a feeling of having blinders on. I can only see what I’m writing, only hear what I’m listening to and everything else slides into the peripheral. It really does work when chasing the writing zone .


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