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What time is it?

I feel the need to go in a random direction today and veer off my normal post road. Hang tight a sec.

I couldn’t sleep last night, something that isn’t unusual for me but with all this pollen everywhere, I’ve fallen to Benadryl, (the ONLY thing that works) so needless to say, my sleep has improved as of late. Lastnight though, Benadryl and all, my sleep was disturbed. I’ve narrowed the disruption down to my internal clock. We all have one. That mysterious thing that wakes you up 5 minutes before your alarm goes off? Yeah, that’s the internal clock.

Mine woke me up about five times. The time change is always an issue with the internal clock, it doesn’t understand that we manually wind our clocks back and forward twice a year. It wakes us up anyway. Sometimes it gets confused and wakes us up all night long.

Since the clocks jumped ahead, it was still dark when my alarm was supposed to go off this morning, I mean when the alarm didn’t go off this morning. When I sat bolt upright at 7:00 AM like someone tazed me. When I looked at my clock which brightly shone 7:00 AM in the dark. When I grabbed my iPhone and read 6:00 AM. When I then opened my clock app to see that YES, my alarm was set for 6:30 but NO, my iPhone still thinks it’s only 6:00. Thanks apple:) Thanks internal clock. You both got me this time.

It’ll be a great day filled with allergy medication induced confusion and a blanketed haze of sleepless night exhaustion. Just the combination I need for a productive day of writing:)


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