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Slowly figuring it out

I’ve realized what is creating the internal conflict I have from time to time with my WIP. I read too much. And I don’t mean I read too many novels, for me that would be an impossibility. I mean I read too many articles/blogs/sites on advice about writing. I don’t even do it intentionally. I’m not searching out “How to write a Novel” on google. But I do subscribe to a few writing sites/blogs, all of which are great but all of which have a topic on what to do and not to do when writing a novel. And I almost always read them. The advice was great in the beginning. It was useful and needed and helpful but now it’s distracting. And not because I don’t think it’s important information, believe me I do, and to those writing it, keep on. But at some point, and my point seems to have arrived, you need to take what you’ve learned and trust yourself.

Right now I need to believe in what I’m doing and stop continually second guessing it by reading conflicting opinions on how this whole process needs to be done. I should be reading about hooks and query letters not plots and character development. After what will be a year in three weeks, and a final draft in the works, I can only hope I got it right. Just goes to show how exhausted I am that I didn’t catch this elephant in the room earlier.

2 responses

  1. It’s possible to edit a piece to death. Put it away for a bit and look at it again with fresh eyes. That’s the only real way to judge whether it’s finished or not.

    March 18, 2011 at 12:09 am

  2. I completely agree. I’ve gone weeks without looking at it and come back with a better view. After I get the final draft complete, I’ll be doing that again. Thanks for commenting.

    March 18, 2011 at 8:51 am


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