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Nathan Bransford whose site/blog is in my blogroll, posted about balance today. He is a former agent in the biz and a published author. He’s also very inspiring and has an informative and entertaining blog. He got me thinking.

Balance. Do you have it? As a writer, I think it may be the hardest thing to find. Getting in the writing zone comes and goes, so when it finds me, I don’t see or hear much other than the characters in my head and the world in which they reside. If I’m alone, this is a productive time. If I’m not…it’s a frustrating and distracting one. I’ve tried to create ‘times’ to write. Like a schedule. Maybe this works for seasoned pros but for me, not so much. I can always sit down and write but that doesn’t mean I can always write productively. When an idea strikes or I have an ‘aha’ moment, I need to write. Even if it’s just to jot down a few notes, even if it’s in the middle of the night.

So balance has been an issue. And something I am consciously trying to figure out but haven’t made much headway with. I go running in search of that balance but it doesn’t always find me. Sometimes I watch mindless TV in hopes to turn my thoughts off. And of course, I read. Reading works to turn off the thoughts about my own work, only to be replaced by thoughts about  the book I’m reading. I try not to pick books apart, I try to allow myself to be immersed in the story. It doesn’t always work. When it does, I’m thrilled.

My current goal is to stop writing on weekends. Hahahaha. Wonder how this is going to go. Any thoughts on finding your balance between the real world and your imaginary one?


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