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Are you committed?

How do you view your writing? The writing of your novel to be specific. Do you view it as a job? Something that you are dedicated to, good or bad, right or wrong, pass or fail–are you committed to it? Since I began my novel, I never once looked at it as a job. I saw it as a creative energy outlet. I saw it as a release of sorts. It wasn’t until I was a few months in, that I even considered trying to get it published.

In the beginning I wasn’t committed to my novel for the long haul. I wouldn’t have known this early on because my writing high was always there. It was new, it was exciting–it was fun. I loved it, it was good for me.  But later, if I found a day or two, or three, that the right mood didn’t hit me or the inspiration just wasn’t there, I wouldn’t write. I would wait until the heat was back.

Now at my nearly one year mark, the writing is still exciting and fun at times but it is no longer new and it is most definitely work. It has occurred to me that although I am still writing for me, if my goal of successful publication is to be met, I have to look at my writing as a committment. On the days that I can’t find my muse, I still have to write. On the days I have a headache or I’m cranky or tired….I still have to write. It’s the same type of committment one should have with say…excersise. It’s not always something you feel like doing but after you’re done, you’re glad you did it. Throughout my numerous years of dancing, there were days I didn’t feel like showing up but I always did. Because it drove me. I’m finding that my writing is doing the exact same thing.

It will take some time for me to become focused enough to push through the hard days, but along with the publishing goal, it’s something I’ll eventually master. It’s the difference between writing as a hobby and writing with the goal of being a published (successful) author. As my writing continues to evolve, so does the way I view it and the industry I will eventually try to take a whack at. Thank you to the seasoned writers who I follow and help to lead the way.

Is writing your hobby? Or is it your passion?

2 responses

  1. Writing just started out as a fun hobby for me, but as I’ve completed more and more drafts of my novel, my mentality towards it has changed too. It is now more like a job, but one that I am happy about and proud of (well, most of the time).

    April 12, 2011 at 4:03 pm

  2. I can relate. It is a challenge some days for me as well but it’s a gratifying one. Thanks for commenting!

    April 12, 2011 at 4:36 pm


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