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What to write about today?? Hm….

With the publishing industry now practically insisting that writers have their own blogs and writing formats amassing readers and fans, what choice do we have but to attempt to oblige? And how much time should we commit to these social media outlets? And furthermore, what about the ones of us who aren’t all that–well,….social?

We find ourselves writing about relatively the same topics as others writers because we are all (most of us), trying to reach the same goal. And in that challenge, we need the same information, the same motivations and the understanding that we provide one another.

Some days an article will hit a chord, others maybe it’s an inspirational quote and others still, maybe just a simple shout out of how our novel is moving along–good or bad, when we need a pep talk or a push from our readers. Granted, I’m speaking of course about those of us who are still on this new and steep hill. Other more seasoned writers and published authors seem to have the art of blogging down to a science and help to inspire the rest of us.

So how much time is too much time dedicated to your blog? We are trying to complete our novels, short stories, etc.. How much time should be taken away from that ultimate goal? And what about the social aspect? What draws the interest to amass these ‘fans’ we are hoping for? The fans who, hopefully, are interested in reading our books. When did the “Hey, look at me, look at me!” mentality get all mixed up with the creation of actually writing?

With the enormity of technology, along with E-readers, both publishing companies and self-publishing need help with marketing. Marketing yourself is something you have to do on your own if you choose the self publishing route. Marketing yourself is also apparently (at least in beginning) something you need to do with a traditional publishing company as well. 

Personally, I enjoy my blog. I enjoy talking to and hearing from other writers. I appreciate the feedback and certainly the advice and kind words. Having my blog has helped me to keep moving and that in and of itself is a huge benefit to having it. So I guess we need to view our blogs as aides. Helpful tools to move us toward our goals. But not something to get so caught up in that we forget our aim.

The social stuff, if it bothers you, generally falls into place after a while and if the goal is accomplished and your writing does take off, you’ll need to get used to being at least some what social;) In the meantime, I think checking your blog everyday, posting when you have an idea, or an extra few minutes, and keeping up with your favorite bloggers here and there for motivation and occasional advice, is a good thing. In an industry that is largely solitary, blogging is probably, on the whole, a good way to break free from the isolating shell and breathe a little with the other world. Now…what will I write about…? Hmmm.

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  2. Good thoughts on the topic. I find that my blog pushes me to write as I am not a professional writer and I’m more aligned to doing something musically than in the literacy world. I only post something when I’ve actually thought of something useful to post or if I want to update people on my progress.

    If you blog about nothing, then yes, it will take away from your other main projects, but I also feel that it will reduce people’s perception of your writing overall. A tricky balance if you ask me to get right – keeping the blog fresh and interesting but without straying from the actual point of the blog. I try to post interesting and unique things, without straying too far from my interests/goals that I initially set out to explore/discover.

    In terms of using it to gain width in your audience, I find that if you have something interesting to say, people will find you.

    April 25, 2011 at 10:08 am

  3. Agreed. It is a tricky balance to keep the content useful for the wide spectrum of writers/authors/readers while still needing the “I” posts here and there. Because for me this blog also serves as a sounding board to you guys who read it regularly. The feedback and encouragement is huge. But all my posts can’t say: ‘This novel is making me insane!” There-in lies the balance.

    April 25, 2011 at 2:12 pm

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