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A Week In Links

I invest a ludicrous amount of time reading. Whether I read novels, blogs, craft books or research material, I always try to find useful or inspiring bits of information each week. And then I save them.  Quotes, excerpts, blog posts, etc…  So today I thought I would share some of the best blog posts I’ve read recently.

**Best selling author, social media aficionado and all around entertaining, Kristin Lamb. If you are a writer not already following her blog, do. She has a very user-friendly approach to the trials and tribulations of becoming an author/blogger/tweeter. Her blog, Warrior Writers and her post, Lies That Can Poison Our Writing Career, can be found here: Kristin Lamb

**I’m not quite sure how I missed David Gaughran, but I am thankful to have run across his blog, Let’s Get Digital. How To Self-Publish, And Why You Should as well as his column at Indie Reader.

David is an Irish writer and author. He is incredibly inspiring, funny and real. One of his must-read posts, Around The World In 80 Drafts, can be found here: David Gaughran

**And lastly this week, NY Times Best Selling Author, public speaker, publisher and novel-writing instructor, the talented, Bob Mayer. You can find his blog, Write it Forward, and his post, 2011 Wrap Up and a Look Ahead to 2012 in Writing & Publishing, here: Bob Mayer Every bit of information he shares is useful and to the point.

Have a great writing day!


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