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This is a post for all the writers out there who have faithfully followed my blog. For the last year I’ve been busier than I’ve probably ever been in my life. All worth it, but it’s been a jarring reminder of just how hard this industry is. Harder still when you become published and you’re neck deep in it. I’ve made a few writer friends over the past three and half years that I depend on like life rafts, and yesterday one of those people posted a really important reminder on his blog.

We just can’t do this alone and stay sane at the same time. Writing is such a solitary venture, but it’s important to remember that we still need to lean on the people who stand in our corner, waiting to cheer us on when we need it. So, here’s Alex Nader’s post, a fellow author and friend, whose debut adult urban fantasy novel, Beasts of Burdin, releases in February, 2014.

Eloquent Until The All Caps Cussing

Not an exact number, but I’m pretty sure its been six months since I found out I would be a published author. Up until that point, I was a solitary writer. I had a couple close friends and my muse/#1 beta reader/wife/coolest girl ever, read my stories and that was it. I wrote three novels with no outside help from the internet. Well, I did have one critique partner when I started writing Beasts of Burdin, but it didn’t go so well.


The point is, in the last six months I’ve been introduced to this huge community of authors and bloggers. I have met some pretty cool people, exchanged some pretty fun conversations, and most of all, I’ve learned. I’ve learned about writing techniques and gotten my own stuff critiqued by other published authors. Thanks to some helpful veterans out there I’ve also learned more and more about the…

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    October 1, 2013 at 7:30 pm

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