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Write On…

“One of the things that draws writers to writing is that they can get things right that they got wrong in real life–“

~Tobias Wolff

Tobias Wolff at an event at Kepler's in Menlo ...

Tobias Wolff at an event at Kepler’s in Menlo Park for his short story collection OUR STORY BEGINS. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Whatever  your reason for writing…..Write On.

A Week in Links

I invest a ludicrous amount of time reading. Whether I read novels, blogs, craft books or research material, I always try to find useful or inspiring bits of information each week. And then I save them. Here are this weeks links:

Author Anne R. Allen has a great post up on her blog this week, When Should An Author Hire An Editor?

Author Kristen Lamb is continuing her blog series, Don’t Eat The Butt. Her 4th post in the series, Real Writers Never Struggle

Author Janni Lee Simmer has a post up on her blog, Desert Dispatches. On Publishing and being a writer in the Right Now


St. Patrick’s Day


A nod to my Irish heritage in celebration of St. Patrick‘s Day.




Have a Wonderful Saint Patrick’s Day.

(All photos belong to me.)


My Music Monday

It’s been a while since I’ve posted any music, so today is a good day. Here are some of the songs I’m writing to, as well as running to, these days. Thanks for listening.

(Thank you to all the Artists, and producers of these videos—I own nothing.)

Charles Dickens. 200.

February 7, 1812. 200 years ago, Charles Dickens was born. One of the greatest novelists of all time.

Charles Dickens (1812-1870)

Image via Wikipedia

“An idea, like a ghost, must be spoken to a little before it will explain itself.”

~Charles Dickens

A further tribute to Dickens can be found here: NPR Books