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To DC And Back

On one of the hottest days in Washington, DC history, I was walking the streets on vacation.

Besides the monuments and the museums and every attraction that attracts visitors to DC, nothing made a more impressive statement on me than the architecture. It is truly something to behold. While the crowds made their hurried way to the next destination to avoid the blistering heat, my head was raised to the skies. Here’s what I saw:

There were many, many more beautiful buildings to see. The scale and craftsmanship on some was nothing short of astonishing.

St. Patrick’s Day


A nod to my Irish heritage in celebration of St. Patrick‘s Day.




Have a Wonderful Saint Patrick’s Day.

(All photos belong to me.)


My Music Monday

Some of the best music I have heard in the last few weeks. Enjoy:



The Shins

(I own Nothing. Thank you to the YouTube creators and artists)

***April 2012, Disclaimer. I was listening to Gotye months before the above song was being played on every top 40 station in existence. Just saying.

Dusting Off The Keyboard

The whirlwind that the holidays become leave my head spinning and in need of normality. The trusty laptop, my  Mac Pro, which I love, is my absolute savior.  It’s like a loyal pet waiting at my front door as I turn the key in the lock. It shines up at me, “Where have you been?” It whirrs into beautiful illumination. The cloud lifts. My mind clears and all is right again. Ahh.


The best spam comment I’ve read all week:

“Call me wind because I am blown away by your post!”

Glad I could help.


I am thankful for the gift of words, the gift of insight and imagination. For my love of books and the ability to spend hours reading them.

For friends who stand by me, even when they think I’ve lost my mind or disagree with every decision I make. You keep me upright.

For my family and their unyielding encouragement throughout my life. I would be lost without you.

For my health and sanity.

My ability to run again after my second round of physical therapy.

For music that vibrates my core and spills through me with every beat.

For my cherished memories of times and people past. I miss you.

For the chill of Autumns approach and the fall of red bruised leaves.

For all the gifts I cherish and hold dear in my life, I am truly grateful.

And of course for all of you who read, listen, like, comment and care about what I have to say, even when its utter nonsense. Thank You for listening.

‘Tis the season

My weekend task….erect the Christmas lights. I have about 75 strands in varying lengths. All in one big tangled mass. Every year I end up needing to replace about half of the stock. No matter how much I complain that this year, I’ll wind them up in neat little bundles and protect their delicate bulbs, it never happens. After the days it takes to assemble them all over my yard, the last thing I want to do is take them back down. I generally use force. Force tends to damage them, along with the brittle branches and leaves that come loose and entangled in the wires. I drop them, strand by strand, into an oversized Tupperware with the leaves and twigs still jutting out, no rhyme or reason, and every year, I end up with this:

I managed to find a few cords to plug-in for the photo. I didn’t shoot the ones still in boxes or in piles of ‘burnt out’ vs. ‘half still work’ (you can still use those) on the floor.

Have to admit though, they are so pretty all lit up. I’ve considered just hanging them like that from tree limbs. You know, like giant unorganized ornaments. They’d be beautiful at night;)

It’s inspired

I pay more than I probably should for notebooks. Since I am more of a note taker/idea scribbler than laptop document creator (although, I have a lot of them too), my notebooks are abundant. More specifically, they are everywhere. In an effort to hide the clutter messes I create, I’ve fallen to buying pretty notebooks. They are much nicer to look at than yellow legal pads and ordinary spiral notebooks (I have those too though. In drawers).

The beauty of these notebooks, besides the obvious, is that they have an almost beckoning effect. They plead to be picked up, written in and read through.

Just one of my small pleasures.

My Music Mondays

No, I didn’t forget this post. Actually, half of my playlists got deleted when I synched my phone yesterday. I was too mad to re-create them and more so to try to remember them all. So…on that note, I’ll be playing some older stuff today.

Of course The Cure

This track is also by The Cure and one of my favorite songs of all time. Though I’m usually not a fan of remakes, I love this one by Dinosaur Jr. (And the video is pretty entertaining)

*No I do not own these songs, nor did I create these on YouTube. Like I’d even have the time…. Ha.

The Gang is Back

Could I be any more excited about The Muppets coming back to theaters? No, probably not. I LOVE them. I LOVE Jim Hensen. And I am thrilled that The Muppets will grace us with their hilarious and magical presence once again.

Welcome back guys;)