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What Are You Afraid Of?


It’s every new writers nightmare. The reason so many hide their stories away.

What if no one likes my book? What if I only think I can write…but really, I can’t! 

Oh, god, people are going to judge me. 


A quote by Bruce Patrick



Fear is one of those awful and wonderful things. It can hold you back and hold you down, it can warn you and keep you safe, and it can also set you free.

Fear can paralyze you and keep you from the things you want–the things you need. It can glue your mouth shut when every fiber of your core is dying to speak. It can keep you in situations you should be free from and it can keep your finished manuscript hidden away in a drawer forever.

Facing your fear can also surprise you. It may just give you what you want most. It may just open a door.

My fear has been staring me in the face and it has been winning. Most of us have that little voice talking in our head. What if my manuscript sucks? What if…?

These thoughts have held me back too. It’s a risk. A major risk. But if we don’t take it, then why are we writing? Why are we going to all this trouble? All this time.

We will never know the answer if we’re too afraid to put our work out there, too afraid to let anyone read it. Because, What if it’s good? And you never knew it?

Let’s not thin the playing field. Get your work out there. It’ll be ok.