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Free Write

Between the ebb and flow.

A loop of words, a hearts internal tug.


Streams of unconsciousness painting the page.


Thoughts flood, fingers stroke keys.

Such satisfaction gained from these reflection streams.

Such ease.

What I Know (2)

I know that every day my novel gets one step closer to being finished and that with every hair-pulling draft, it also gets better.

I know that keeping all my thoughts in my head is an impossible task and that writing every little spec of an idea or thought down is close to imperative or they will fly away like dust.

I know that balance can be elusive.

I know that Twitter will likely bury me under a tidal wave of social fervor.

I know that self-doubt is a true part of a writers life but we must overcome it in order to achieve our goals.

I know that no amount of followers will make you a better writer–only YOU can do that.

I know that social media will not get you where you want to be without first learning to write well.

I know the social media contacts, friends and fellow writers are invaluable.

I know that today is a new day and the sun is beckoning me to follow.

It’s here. I can’t believe it.

It’s here. One year. The date is here. April 19th of 2010, I started my novel. After several rewrites, here I am one year later in the middle of my final draft. When I took on this challenge it was literally without thought or pre-meditation. I sat down and started writing. There was no outline, only a sliver of an idea that I ran with. It’s been an interesting ride to the say the least and beyond rewarding…..and exhausting.

As incredibly gratifying as it would be to eventually become published, that was not the reason I began my novel nor will it be the reason I continue beyond it.

My goal of completion comes closer to reality every day. Until then, I am thankful to have the unwavering dedication to see my novel to fruition. Thanks for everyone’s support and kind words of wisdom and inspiration, they help tremendously and keep my eyes on the prize.