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TRUE (Fire Born 3) Playlist Countdown

Continuing on with the TRUE Playlist Countdown:


By The Kiss



TRUE releases September 8th 2015

in print and e-book

My Music Monday ~ (TIED Countdown) Wk 2

TWO WEEKS until TIED launches?! How did I lose count?

A few more songs to go on the TIED playlist this week.

My Music Monday (TIED Countdown) Wk 4

With TIED only under a month before going live, the last few songs of the playlist are going to get crammed in  before launch on September 9th. (I think I lost count somehow.)

Here we go:

My Music Monday (TIED Countdown) Wk 6!

I completely forgot to post today!

Here’s this week’s TIED playlist track:

My Music Monday (TIED Countdown) Wk 18

Once again, I am moving My Music Monday back a bit in order to make room for yesterday’s blog post.

If you want to read the excerpt for TIED, it’s right here: TIED Excerpt

And Thank You for all the support yesterday. Appreciate you guys!

On with the playlist.

My Music Monday (TIED Countdown) Wk 19!

We have officially started the teens!

19 weeks and counting.

Moving on with the playlist …

My Music Monday — (TIED Countdown) Wk 25

On to week 25 in the TIED playlist countdown. This week, M83.

My Music Monday (TIED Countdown) Wk 26

We’re taking up the Tuesday spot this week having showcased Terri Rochenski’s cover reveal for Eye of the Soul yesterday. Check it out if you missed it.

Onto week 26 already–closer and closer to the book release date of TIED. Up next on the playlist, M83.

My Music Monday (TIED Countdown)

I know, I know. It’s been foreverrr since I posted a new My Music Monday, so we begin again. 😉

This week I’ve been painstakingly compiling, and scaling down, the massive playlist for TIED, book one of The Fire Born Novels. Originally this playlist had close to 50 songs. I’ve narrowed it down to 34. Since I have 32 weeks until the launch of TIED, I thought a teaser was in order to get the momentum started. So … I’m going to play a small sampling of what’s to come every Monday all the way up to launch day. I’ve decided not to put the songs in order of scenes/chapters, as I don’t want to give too much away, but the songs will be in order when the playlist goes live, and in full, on the 9th of September. ENJOY!