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My Music Monday

This week on My Music Monday:

Mumford & Sons

My Music Monday

This week on My Music Monday: Bon Iver.

I could listen to Justin’s music on loop all day, and sometimes, when I’m on a writing roll, like I have been lately, I do.



My Music Monday ~ Polica

This morning, one my favorites—

Polica, Wandering Star is on My Music Monday.


My Music Monday ~ Avicii

Avicii ~ Wake Me Up

My Music Monday ~ Pretty Lights

This week on My Music Monday, Pretty Lights ….


My Music Monday ~ Crystal Castles

Not sure if I’ve posted this song on any of the playlists, but it’s a favorite of mine.

Crystal Castles ~ Affection



My Music Monday

Polica’s ‘Amongster’ is up today on My Music Monday. Released in 2011, this track is also on the TIED playlist.

My Music Monday

Finally, I’m resuming the normal My Music Monday posts!

Up today is one of my favorites. This is an older track by Pretty Lights.


My Music Monday (TIED Countdown) Wk 1

Hi everyone. This will be my last official My Music Monday post related to TIED’s playlist. The entire playlist will go live on launch day, next Monday, September 9th.

Hope you guys have enjoyed all the music these last 33 weeks!

My Music Monday ~ (TIED Countdown) Wk 2

TWO WEEKS until TIED launches?! How did I lose count?

A few more songs to go on the TIED playlist this week.