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My Music Monday (TIED Countdown) Wk 27

We are moving into week 27 on the TIED Countdown, and Mumford & Sons is up next. Enjoy!

My Music Monday (TIED Countdown) Wk 28

Back to the music this week!

And thanks again to everyone who shared and/or participated in the TIED cover reveal last week! I appreciate you guys. 😉

Today we’re rolling back into the mainstream. Enjoy!

My Music Monday (TIED Countdown) Wk 29

Since the launch of the TIED Cover and Blurb went live yesterday–here it is if you missed it:

My Music Monday is on Tuesday this week. Another MASSIVE Thank You to everyone who participated in the cover reveal yesterday. Your support was incredible.


We’re rolling into week 29 on the TIED Playlist Countdown. Again, out of order, but here’s a sample of what’s to come. Enjoy!

My Music Monday (TIED Countdown) Week 31

This week on the TIED Countdown we’re listening to another playlist track from the first book in The Fire Born Novels trilogy. (again in random order from the official playlist to be posted Sept 9th.) Enjoy!

My Music Monday (TIED Countdown)

I know, I know. It’s been foreverrr since I posted a new My Music Monday, so we begin again. 😉

This week I’ve been painstakingly compiling, and scaling down, the massive playlist for TIED, book one of The Fire Born Novels. Originally this playlist had close to 50 songs. I’ve narrowed it down to 34. Since I have 32 weeks until the launch of TIED, I thought a teaser was in order to get the momentum started. So … I’m going to play a small sampling of what’s to come every Monday all the way up to launch day. I’ve decided not to put the songs in order of scenes/chapters, as I don’t want to give too much away, but the songs will be in order when the playlist goes live, and in full, on the 9th of September. ENJOY!


My Music Monday

What shall we listen to today? How about this….

My Music Monday

A few of my Cocteau Twins favorites on this rainy writing day. Enjoy.

My Music Monday

A few of the tracks I’ve been writing too…