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Thursday’s Off The Beaten Track

This week’s off the beaten track:

My favorite, Polica

Off their album, Shulamith ~ Smug

Thursday’s Off The Beaten Track

Let’s see … what to play today? How about Polica, because I love them.

This track is explicit.

Tiff (Feat Justin Vernon, my other favorite, favorite.)

My Music Monday ~ Polica

This morning, one my favorites—

Polica, Wandering Star is on My Music Monday.


My Music Monday

Polica’s ‘Amongster’ is up today on My Music Monday. Released in 2011, this track is also on the TIED playlist.

Thursday’s Off The Beaten Track

Along with my usual My Music Monday posts (yes, they have resumed), I wanted to start another continuing music post. A *new* music one. Where each week or so I’ll post some newly—or fairly newly released, off the beaten path, track.

The National is up today, one of my favorites, with their newer track, Sea of Love, released in May 2013.
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My Music Monday (TIED Countdown) Wk 4

With TIED only under a month before going live, the last few songs of the playlist are going to get crammed in  before launch on September 9th. (I think I lost count somehow.)

Here we go:

My Music Monday

A few of the tracks I’ve been writing too…