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I came outside to write today. It’s quiet during the day–only the slight rustle of oak trees. I still feel Fall in the air–the heat doesn’t hide its approach. The different angle of the sun’s rays always gives it away. The wind has picked up slightly and leaves are beginning to rain down.

I love the coming of every season. I think it’s the change–a sense of rebirth.

I’m looking for a different angle as well and hope at times like these, that a change of scenery, and of season, will provide it. Sometimes we only need to listen to find our place again. My writing has been such a struggle of emotions over the last couple of years. So as I let myself sit here and absorb the sounds of nature, this is what I see:

Blue Days

Fall's approach



Purple Fountain

If I step outside for even a few minutes, my whole perspective changes. And that’s a really good thing.

I need some sleep!

Why is it that ideas flood my brain in that tiny window just before falling asleep at night? I have all day for inspiration to strike. ALL DAY. Yet, when I am trying to sleep, trying to relax my overloaded writing brain, the puzzle pieces mysteriously fit together. You know the pieces.

Then the pull happens. Do I get up and write these things down–completely disrupting my almost tranquil slumber–or do I allow sleep to overtake me and hope I remember all of these brainstorms when I wake up? There’s the dilemma.

Here’s me during the day if I get up:

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Now I hear there is a special ‘light pen’ you can buy for just this compulsive purpose. Can’t see? Don’t worry–the light pen can help! No lights? No problem–the light pen shines directly on your paper in the dead of night so you can write until your heart’s content. Or…until you pass out from exhaustion.

Thanks light pen but I don’t need more incentive to get up–I need less.

I used to keep a notebook on the night stand. You know, the cardinal writing rule. A notebook by your bed, in your car, in the bathroom, whiteboard in the shower….

The problem with the night stand notebook? I don’t want to be awake at 3 AM. I want to be sleeping! 

So, did I get up and write frantically? Of course I did. The puzzle pieces fit! The pieces!

Maybe I need to invest in the pen…


The music in me

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At the age of four, I was belting out The Beatles while sitting in the bath tub. With A Little Help From My Friends, Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds, She’s Leaving Home & A Day In The Life (Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band) were a few of my favorites. At that age I knew and loved almost every Beatles song. I have too many favorites to name them all.

It wasn’t until much later that I realized none of these songs were from my generation. It was then that I wondered how in the world I knew them all.

Recently on vacation, my mom cranked up her ipod, her self-made compilation blaring, and as I unthinkingly sang along like I always do, Golden Slumbers (Abbey Road) by The Beatles rang out. My mom grinned and told me that it was one of my lullaby’s.

And then it hit me. My parents had played all these incredible albums to help me fall asleep as a baby and a young child. I never knew.

What greater gift could I have been given?

I own every single Beatles album now. It’s the music in me.

Let the story ride?

Am I concentrating on the right book? Are you?

I put my heart into my recent novel. My time–sooo much time–my energy and my focus, and I’ve begun the second book in the series. But I continually come back to my original novel–the one I began forever ago and walked away from. The one that is so damn hard to write. It nags at me. Throws ideas in my face and sits there all the time in my head. And I wonder if I shouldn’t bite the bullet and just write it.

If you had one chance at publication, just one, what would you want to say? Could you say it? Should you?

Not all of our book ideas wrap themselves up in neat little packages with cute bows. Some are edgy and raw. Some are hard to talk about–and harder to write.

Is there a line in the writers sand? Do Not Cross. Or do you let your story ride?

If what you need to say most, is the hardest thing to say…do you still say it?

I think so. Yeah, I think you do.

Comments, thoughts? Love to hear your views:)

Document Dependency

I have more documents on my first WIP than I care to admit. I’d venture to guess I have around seven, at least. They all contain different information as well as the same information repeating itself. Information I am deathly afraid of losing. Why? A years worth of headaches are wrapped into those documents. First drafts and second drafts and sixth drafts. Ideas and notes and brain storms are within those docs. Plus, I have three full notebooks of notes as well.

And through all of that information and research and time and sweat, I wonder–did I use it all? Is it all in there? Inside the novel, tucked away in its pages and in its story? I don’t know if it is. I did so much in regard to my first book that it completely overwhelmed me. It was too much information. Too many ideas and I couldn’t shut it down. So really–there is NO WAY that all of those painstaking hours of doc filling and note taking made it into the final draft. Or did it?

As I have begun my second book in the series, a huge weight has lifted off my shoulders. I know where this story is going. I know my characters now, the scenes, the setting–I know my story. In the beginning, I was still fumbling through. Ideas striking all the time, waking me up in the night. Blocks that took forever for me to break through. I didn’t know where I was going, or what I was doing in the first draft. I think–I hope–I do now.

So although, every idea I had did not find a place in my final copy, all of those ideas found a place in the overall feel of the story–in the overall drive and forward motion of the story. That brain storming crazed state of mind pushed me to finish my book. All those documents and filled notebooks found their place.

They were worth saving.

Designing for your audience

I am continuing on my topic from yesterday as I think it’s relevant and deserves some attention.

My blog is pretty straightforward. My page, color scheme, etc… represent me. But I’m wondering , as I peruse other writer/author blogs, maybe my page needs to represent my genre.

If you are targeting a certain audience with your work (and we generally are based on genre), should your blog try to attract them? This of course is in line with how much information about your WIP is too much to post online.

Perhaps having two blogs is the answer. One for your actual work. To vent, find like-minded writers, get support, etc… And another site for your platform. A site dedicated to your current WIP. Thoughts?