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My Music Monday ~ Avicii

Avicii ~ Wake Me Up

Road Trip Wednesday ~ Best Song To Make Into A Book?

It’s been a while since I’ve jumped on Road Trip Wednesday. Been a little busy. 😉

YA Highway RTW

This Week’s Topic : What song would you love to see a book based on?

Being the huge music fan that I am, I could think of A LOT of songs that would make good books. I’m a YA dark fantasy writer, so I’m drawn to songs with a lot of … atmosphere. But I’m going to pick a wide variety for this post. Some may be more suitable for New Adult rather than Young Adult novels.

Tried to find the clean version—couldn’t. There’s some cussing, fyi, for anyone who might be offended.

I could keep going … 😉

My Music Monday — (TIED Countdown) Wk 22

We’re getting closer and closer to the release of TIED. Continuing on with the playlist ….

My Music Monday (TIED Countdown) Wk 24

24 weeks and counting …. Here’s the next track for the TIED playlist. Enjoy.

My Music Monday

A few of the tracks I’ve been writing too…

My Music Monday

Feeling pretty nostalgic for the old stuff these days… Here’s The Smiths.

Spread Your Wings…and Fly

We all get a little down sometimes when trying to achieve our goals. The road from where you are now, and where you want to be, isn’t always that far. You just need to believe.

**This is a must watch for anyone who is feeling a bit stuck. Actually, it’s a must watch, period.

Fantasy World Building — Through The Wormhole


Hubbleshots (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I find inspiration in the world around me. As a fantasy writer it doesn’t take much to peek my imagination. That being said, there are a few ideas that are so far-fetched even I am mesmerized. Through The Wormhole with Morgan Freeman is by far the best show on television for widening my imagination and helping to broaden my world building ideas. If you write fantasy or paranormal or sci-f, it’s worth your time to check it out.

I found this next video while browsing YouTube. It’s fantastic.

My Music Monday

Going back in time to my all time fave band, The Cure, for a little easy writing music this Monday. Enjoy.

English: The Cure performing in Singapore.

English: The Cure performing in Singapore. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My Music Monday

It’s been a while since I posted any music. Here are a few happy songs from my current playlist to kick Monday off. Enjoy.

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